Submersible Technology

Submersible Technology

Pathfinder Optics submersible is commonly used for a variety of applications including inspecting infrastructure such as dams, bridges, and pipelines; monitoring marine environments and ecosystems; conducting search and rescue operations; and performing maintenance and inspections in aquaculture operations.

Infrastructure Inspection:

Seamlessly inspect submerged infrastructure using the Pathfinder Optics Submersible while capturing intricate details. Facilitate maintenance and assessment without the need for complicated setups.

Water Tank Inspection:

Pathfinder Optics is known for its compact size and portability, allowing it to be easily transported to various locations for underwater inspections without requiring extensive equipment or setup. Generate rapid and efficient inspection reports to promptly furnish vital information to clients in urgent need, particularly for plant shutdowns and cost-saving analyses of required repairs.

Search and rescue:

In emergency situations, Pathfinder Optics can be quickly deployed to the search area. With our portable design and wireless remote control enable swift response times, minimizing the delay in initiating search and rescue operations. The submersible’s compact size and maneuverability make it suitable for navigating tight spaces and difficult-to-reach areas underwater. It can explore places that might be inaccessible or unsafe for divers, such as submerged wreckage or confined spaces

 Before sending in human divers, we can perform an initial assessment of the underwater environment. This helps teams determine the scope of the operation, identify potential risks, and plan the rescue strategy more effectively.

 Our submersible can be equipped with manipulator arms and sonar system. The arms allow the operator to remotely manipulate objects underwater, which can be crucial for search and recovery tasks, such as moving debris or objects obstructing access. Sonar systems that help in locating objects in challenging underwater conditions, such as low visibility or murky water.

Search and rescue teams can reduce the risks associated with sending divers into potentially hazardous environments. It allows them to gather information and plan their actions more safely and effectively.


  • HD camera with 270 degrees rotating camera head
  • Depth rating of 200 meters with auto depth lock to capture critical infostructure areas
  • Multiple add on options to fit any need from water sampling, grabbing debris, mapping and many more


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